Resistance 2 Trailer Leaks, Is Spooky got their hands on, uploaded, then pulled some previously unseen footage of Insomniac Games' Resistance 2. Like all things leaked, it's made the rounds, with a YouTube version of the PlayStation 3 game's trailer still available for curiosity seekers. The trailer, which opts for spooky narration in lieu of gameplay, may hint at the sequel's plot.

Spooky Demonic Narrator Guy issues the ominous warning — to, we're assuming, either Resistance: Fall of Man protagonist Nathan Hale or Resistance 2 players — "You think you can resist, but you haven't seen what we're truly capable of". Explosions, flesh eating and gargantuan space ships follow — the kind of stuff you demand from your first person shooters.

Unfortunately, the whole thing's a low-fi affair. Here's to hoping we see it in more glorious resolutions at E3.

Resistance 2 - 2nd Trailer. [YouTube]


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