Rock Band 2 Drums Will Be Wireless

Rock Band 2 isn't going to just take the introduction of a wireless drum set in Guitar Hero World Tour lying down. No, Harmonix has its own wireless drum set planned, according to a product listing on With a tentative release date of September 14 and a price of $US 89.99, it may mean waiting for an upgrade that's free of ugly cables is just around the corner.

Likewise, Xbox 360 owners will finally cut the chord on the guitar side, as a wireless guitar for Rock Band 2 makes an appearance at the online retailer. As an owner of the PS3 version of Rock Band, I have to say that going wireless makes a world of difference when one is doing high kicks during solos.

Rock Band 2 Standalone Drums [Amazon - thanks, Max!]


    So whats the wireless range on these things. Is it good enough for me to use them down here in Australia connected to an Xbox in the US so I can play the game?

    EA and Harmonix are douchebags.

    I'll begin to care when Rockband gets an AU release...

    ... so never.

    Korwin... Your comment is made of 3000% win. I nominate it for coment of the millenium.

    Also... I'll care when Rock Band and Rock Band 2 get an Australian release on PS3. So, never. Ever. Guess I'll be buying more Guitar Hero games. But wait, my controllers won't work. Fuck it, I'll just buy Ouendan. No wait, it's not out here either. Ok, Dance Dance Revolution - Wait a second, I see no game called Dance Dance Revolution here. Guess I'll play some... uh...

    Ok, does ANYONE know of any music games that an Australian is allowed to play?

    Guess it's time for more Elite Beat Agents.

    (Yes, I'm about to go play Rock Band. But I'm lucky; we don't all have hundreds of disposable dollars.)

    Also, more on topic, I've been playing the drums today, and the wires really don't bother me. On the guitar it would, but the drums you don't move much. I'd actually much prefer a wireless MICROPHONE than drums. Maybe we'll get that too?

    If they were quieter, I didn't have to tape a chunk of wood to the pedal to prevent it breaking, and if it didn't slowly edge its way away from me while I'm playing... THAT'S what I'd look for. So we need to wait and see. Let's all keep our eyes on this page.

    Oh, also, is the Kotaku tower aware that Amazon also lists the price for Rock Band 2 ($199.99 - $10 more than GH4 is listed for?)

    Well anyway, that might be of interest to anyone tossing up between the 2.

    ...Also, they still wont send it outside the US. Grr.

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