Rock Band 2's Guitar Is Easy On The Eye

Rock Band's guitar - when it worked - was great. Bigger unit, better fret placement, a more "grown-up" appearance...really good stuff, and a real improvement on the early Guitar Hero controllers. Still, that doesn't mean the design can't be improved upon for the game's sequel. Above, Rock Band 2's guitar controller. The licensing agreement with Fender obviously continues, except this time the guitar's finished in a lovely faux-wood finish. Some might baulk at the tackiness, but we're not talking kitchen floors here, people, we're talking plastic guitars for a videogame. Faux wood will do just fine. Bigger pics after the jump.

[via IGN]


    Man, this gets me worked up in all the wrong ways..

    America gets another Rock Band while we are still waiting down-under for the first installment.

    I think I'm going to refuse to buy rockband when it eventually hits our shores just on principle now.

    F***ing EA.

    Still don't care, wake me when Rockband actually gets an Australian release.

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