Rock Band Confirmed For NZ, EA Has Limited Stocks

In a customer email sent out today, NZ retailer Gameplanet has confirmed official prices and an early October (the 10th perhaps) street date for EA's Rock Band in New Zealand. According to the email, EA's sent the store a single shipment of the game and hardware. What this means in real numbers isn't certain, but you can be sure it'll sell out quickly.

Then again, maybe it won't. Kiwis after the complete Rock Band experience (two guitars, drums, game and microphone) will have to shell out a staggering $NZ 519.85. That's madness with a dollar sign. The game itself will retail for $NZ 119.95.

The original email, with pricing for the Xbox 360, PS3, PS2 and Wii, can be found after the jump. Before you ask, no, there's no mention of Australia. However, I wouldn't be surprised if we hear something soon... and it won't be from Harmonix.

Welcome to this special "Rock Band" Edition of the Gameplanet Store Newsletter!

Rock Band is coming to NZ — secure yours now!

Rock Band has been a phenomenon in North America and Europe and us Kiwi gamers are finally going to get in on the action early October. The bad news however is that Electronic Arts has advised that this is a one off shipment and stock will be extremely limited! Here's what is going to be available...

Xbox 360 • Rock Band (game only) ($119.95) • Hardware bundle (Drums, Wireless Guitar, Mic) ($299.95) • Drum Kit ($179.95) • Wireless Guitar ($99.95) PlayStation 3 • Rock Band (game only) ($119.95) • Hardware bundle (Drums, Wireless Guitar, Mic) ($299.95) • Drum Kit ($179.95) • Wireless Guitar ($99.95) Nintendo Wii • Rock Band (game only) ($99.95) • Hardware bundle (Drums, Wireless Guitar, Mic) ($299.95) • Drum Kit ($179.95) • Wireless Guitar ($US 99.95) PlayStation 2 • Rock Band (game only) ($99.95) • Hardware bundle (Drums, Wireless Guitar, Mic) ($299.95) We fully expect to be sold out of Rock Band stock well before the arrival date. We strongly advise you to pre-order early to avoid disappointment... don't leave it too late! :D

If you thought Guitar Hero was great, you ain't seen nothing yet...

Happy gaming!

From all the team at Gameplanet Store New Zealand.

[Thanks SamStride!]


    In NZ, 'Sux Sux Sux' is the Number of the Beast.

    You know... with how they talk and all... :P

    Well those prices are about as ridiculous as expected.

    Hahahahahahahaha... Oh wait, it's a serious post.

    I dread to think what the real AU pricing will look like :(

    So Harmonix are proven to be either dishonest or clueless once again, and the Australian pricing from earlier this week is probably spot on. Colour me unsurprised.

    The real question is whether these are the original Rock Band instruments, or the fixed Rock Band 2 instruments. If they're not the new ones then EA and Harmonix can go take a long walk off a very short pier.

    Sad thing is this is for RB1. EA are just fobbing off all their stock for premium price so they can get RB2 out in the US.

    Assuming, of course, they actually ship here ..

    I hate how NZ and eventually us are going to be ripped off. They are probably not going to even give us the new hardware either. Why are we charged so much for this?

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