Rumour: Jet Grind Radio To Return?

Is Sega dipping into the well of Dreamcast franchises again? That's what we heard from friendlier folks at Comic-Con last week, specifically that the publisher was planning on bringing back one of its more beloved franchises, Jet Grind Radio. After outings on the Dreamcast and Xbox, we haven't seen anything of the futuristic inline-skater since 2003's Jet Set Radio for the Game Boy Advance.

We were overly excited to hear a rumour that Sega was planning on reintroducing the series, this time on the Wii.

Sure, that may conjure up less than appealing Wii Remote waggling during tagging and inline skate attachments, but we'd be thrilled to take whatever we can get. Just give us cel-shaded graphics, an awesome soundtrack and Wii MotionPlus support, Sega, and we'll love you forever.

Sega's recently filed trademark, dated July 24, 2008 and separate from the original, Dreamcast era trademark, certainly has us thinking that a Jet Grind Radio update is more likely.

In addition to the typical "video game software" goods and services applied for, the new trademark adds things like "downloadable game programs", "game programs for use with mobile phones", and "game programs for use with hand-held game machines".

Hopefully that translates to a broader scope than just the Wii.

After all, Sega president Simon Jeffery did say that the iPhone, not the Wii or Xbox 360, was the new Dreamcast.

Jet Grind Radio [USPTO]


    Sega. Make this happen and I'll put your name back up with them greats. Either on Wii or PS3, doesnt matter as long as you bring this IP back!! Put some heavy PR behind this time around too so that not only the hardcore people will notice it and buy it. Play your cards right and IP can be one of your strongest ever.

    It'll be banned here in Australia.
    This is the Nanny Land after all!

    Everybody knows that graffiti is the devils work and will turn any person, child or adult into mindless criminals.

    Oh great Nanny Land, we submit our minds and bow to your superior will.

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