Rumour: Slim, Sub $US 100 Nintendo DS Coming

IGN is currently running a rumour sourced from "trusted insiders" that Nintendo may be planning to introduce a new, slimmed-down, sub-$US 100 Nintendo DS minus a GBA slot at its media briefing tomorrow morning. The new DS, the outlet writes, may come with a built-in accelerometer, bringing motion control to Nintendo's dual screen handheld. That news is paired with alleged details on an Activision designed accelerometer cart for the portable.

It would be surprising, considering the Nintendo DS Lite is just two years young and still moving through retail at a rate equal to hotcake sales. Still, after the Wii Remote Motionplus hardware announcement earlier today, it just goes to show you we never know what Nintendo will do next.

E3 2008: DS Accelerometer / New DS Forthcoming? [IGN]


    I would feel incredibly torn between proper SD support and GBA slot.

    I need my mother 3 fix...

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