Rumour: Fallout 3 Refused Classification Because Of Drug Use?

Rumour: Fallout 3 Refused Classification Because Of Drug Use?

f3_wide.jpgUpdate: This rumour is now confirmed – Fallout 3 has been refused classification.

Fallout 3 has its fair share of dismemberment and decapitation. If the Office of Film and Literature Classification was going to have an issue with anything, I thought it would be the blood and gore.

Apparently not. It seems the board has deemed the game too extreme for Australian gamers, according to a post on the Gamespot AU forums – but it has nothing to do with popping skulls with rifle rounds:

Apparently the game includes the use of Morphine by your character. (I assume as some sort of “healthpack” or “stimpack”). By all accounts this did not sit well with the Board as the portrayal of the unregulated use of proscribed substances is a bit of a no no and will damage the fragile minds of Australia’s game-playing populace.

The post says the information comes from a “senior” person in the organisation.

Please note that a post on a forum is hardly proof. Red Ant has been contacted, but has failed to provide a comment. We’ll just have to wait for the OFLC to add Fallout 3 to the classification database.

If it does turn out to be true, it will be the second RC in the space of a month. Really makes you wonder what’s happening with that R18+ rating

Fallout 3 Banned In Australia! [Gamespot AU forums]


  • @Shavenewok: Unfortunately, the classification database is only updated when the game is given a rating (or refused one). It can take a few days after the fact for the entry to appear.

  • I was going to say how were all adults and drugs in real life seem to need more attention and control than drugs in games but its all been said before.

    So i give up…..the OFLC wins and It looks like more of my money will be headed overseas good work OFLC.

  • NFL Blitz: The League was RC in Australia due to drug use. My gripe has always been inconsistency. See Mario (mushrooms), MGS (sniper stabiliser drug), Bioshock, Deus Ex, Max Payne and many more games which featured drug use that were passed.

    Honestly, I would take the short term hit of having many games Refused Classification to show the ridiculousness of the current guidelines and the need for an R18+ rating. What I’m suggesting is that we write in to get EVERYTHING banned based on strict interpretations of the guidelines. Complain about the sexualised violence of Fruit Fuckers in Penny Arcade adventures, the drug use in every game with a powerup, and see what happens.

    Too many games get squeezed into an MA rating, when they could just as easily be refused classification. If we pushed all those games out to RC, then the call for an R18+ rating might have more weight.

    Or we could get hopped up on painkillers, drive our warthogs to South Australia, spray paint some government buildings and use our level 70 WoW skills and weapons to attempt to take down Michael Atkinson, the South Australian Attorney General.

  • @That Guy: does your source wear a beret, glasses and have a big bushy moustache? 😉

    But yeah, if this game is banned locally I’d be very, very sad. I want my bobblehead too.

  • @ Player 1

    The difference is what they are termed and the context in which they appear.

    If you have a drug called “ecstasy” that you consume in pill form in your game that makes you float around on a cloud and hug people, it will be given an R rating.

    If you call that drug “cloudpowder” and it is obtained by rolling over it wiht a car it won’t.

    Same reason why Mushrooms don’t get Mario banned – you’re never tasked to go out and collect mushrooms, brew it up in a big pot and consume the disgusting brown liquid out of coffee cups to get the effect in the game

  • Pretty much only take this with a grain of salt guys, this guys is a first time poster and also posted the exact same thing on the PCPP forums and failed to provide any kind of source when asked to.

  • You know I’ve got this lovely bridge in the Unites States for sale…

    That Vrox fellow posted that same message across a whole bunch of different message boards. Its implausible on a lot of different levels. Looks like his little joke has really taken off.

  • The only thing at this stage that gives this rumour any weight is that Red Ant, the game’s local distributor, has failed twice to provide a comment (not even “no comment”). This is despite that fact it was more than happy to tell me a few weeks ago that the game had yet to be submitted for classification. If it could give this info then, I don’t see why it can’t repeat it now.

    I have no idea how long classification takes, but it is possible it was submitted in the meantime and given an RC. Regardless, this is firmly in the rumour bucket and will remain so until we get clarification.

  • The only other thing which gives this some semblance of truth is that Pete Hines was here giving us (Hi Logan!) a demo recently at Fox Studios.

    He would have brought the most recent build which Red Ant may have seen as teh right time to show the OFLC while he was here.

  • Well, if it is banned, here’s how we do this. We change “Morphine” to “Insulin” and make everyone who needs health in fallout 3’s world diabetic – it would also be a nice little message in the game to help prevent diabetes, reminding players to drink some water while playing the game, instead of soft drink.

    After this we as a country surrender our dicks because we’re a bunch of pussies who can’t have drugs in a video game.

    Let’s see what ofacle has to say about that.

  • My understanding is that the OFLC watch a few hours of footage of the game being played/presented by a company representative. Not that they play a build of any sort. This may have changed by now, but I know it used to be common practice.

  • Wow. One post on Gamespot by a person with two posts who has been a member of the forum for about 5 seconds and the media jumps all over it as though it’s fact.

    Seriously, how fucking gullible are journalists becoming? Or is this just a desperate attempt at bashing Australia? Maybe a really really slow news day?

    Either way, holy crap…..Since when did a random post on a forum without any source what so ever become a reliable media source? LOL

    Hey there is an influx of those types of topics on Gamespot every single day, they’re called “troll topics”…..The site is notorious for housing some of the dumbest, rude morons on the internet. I can’t believe how many media sites have actually picked this up and published. I could go onto a forum, use good grammar and say that the world is going to end 5 seconds from know because my friend is a scientist!

  • @mikezombie777: Sigh.

    Fact? I wasn’t aware the word “rumour” meant “fact”. I must have the wrong dictionary!

    Most rumours are easily verified by contacting the company involved (in this case, Red Ant), and getting confirmation. As I’ve said previously, the only reason this has any weight to it is that Red Ant, which has been very open about Fallout 3 (including its state with the OFLC), has suddenly gone quiet. It’s highly unusual behaviour, and enough for me to post this as a rumour.

    That word again, rumour. If you want to take this as fact, that’s your choice!

  • I don’t believe it…Drug use?
    Max Payne had drugs…drugs which healed you… and that game wasn’t denied classification…

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