Saturday Timewaster: Pandemic 2

Ever wanted to decimate the world's population or see if you could develop a super-bug that would leave the globe in utter pandemonium? If the answer is yes, browser-based Pandemic 2 is your game; even if the answer is 'uh, no,' it's an interesting way to while away some time. Watch as your customised disease of choice is let loose on the world, then use your 'evolution points' to mutate the perfect delivery method for a global pandemic — the goal is to have a trail of devastation (and bodies) left in your wake. There are two different modes, 'realistic' and 'relaxed,' so if you're not sure you're ready for a realistic onslaught, you can try your hand with the easier mode.

Pandemic 2 [CrazyMonkeyGames via IndieGames]


    Hoorah! I started in Madagascar, effectively dodging the evil resistance of a sea-bound, flightless country.

    Of course, it took 3 months for a ship to leave, while the population festered, but when that ship got to Peru.. the whole world was gone in 5 days.


    By the way, insanity + kidney failure seems to be a winner.

    High Score: 58372 =D

    Well, all I know is that I to started in madagascar, but I built up immunities rather than symptoms (I got rid of em all at the start) and just sat as my drug heat, cold, and moisture resistances built up

    and in somewhere in the vicinity of 85 pts, I single handedly eliminated the whole population in 5 days
    72 total
    high score: 480,692

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