Sega Thinks E3 Felt Like A Hospital Corridor

Sega Thinks E3 Felt Like A Hospital Corridor

And the post-E3 soul-searching continues! Latest to be asked for his $US 0.02 is the man with the soothing voice, Sega US boss Simon Jeffery. Who, for all the work he managed to get done during the week, still thinks the event could do with a little more…pizazz.

E3 was a strange beast this year. We had an extremely strong product showing, had some great meetings, and got our messaging over pretty strongly – all at an event that had all the atmosphere of a large hospital corridor…we’d like to see something that represents the fun, dynamic nature of the industry a little better without going back to the insanity that was E3 of old.

It’s OK, Simon. We miss the booth crumpet as well.

‘E3 felt like a hospital corridor’ [MCV]

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