Sonic And The Black Knight Isn't A Bad Dream

Yes, Nintendo Power spilled the beans on Sonic and the Black Knight for the Wii, but they aren't official beans until Sega says so, and...Sega has said so. The whole sword thing seems ridiculous until you realise that Sonic and the Black Knight is the next game in what they are calling the storybook series, which started with Sonic and the Secret Rings. Storybook land can explain away many a silly concept.

"After the success of Sonic and the Secret Rings we're delighted to announce a second title in the Storybook Series," said Gary Knight, European Marketing Director, SEGA Europe, "Following Sonic on his way to knighthood will excite players of all ages."

The game is due out in Spring of 2009, giving the writers of the "Seven Rings In Hand" theme song plenty of time to swap out the lyric "Seven rings in hand, speed through nights with feet in sand" to "Seven rings in hand, speed through knights with sword in hand". We will NEVER escape this song.


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