Sony Have 'No Plans' For PS2 Downloads On PSN

Downloading PS2 games on the PS3? Sounds great in theory, but it's "news" to Sony. Responding to rumours kicked off by a suspicious-looking "screengrab" (Fantavision? Really?), Sony's Patrick Seybold has said "At this point, we haven't made any announcements, and there are no plans for PS2 downloadable titles on PS3". The no announcements part, that's normal PR talk. The "no plans" bit goes a bit further, however, perhaps even suggesting they really have no plans for such a service! Perhaps (it's a merry dance we dance with PR responses). Kinda hope they do though, if only to see people in forums convince other people in forums that The Bouncer would be a good game to catch up on.

Sony: 'No plans for PS2 downloadable titles on PS3' [GamePro]


    If there really were going to be PS2 titles sold on PSN, Sony would have to have to work on something else before even considering it. And that's 100% PS2 emulation.

    If I remember right, only the first generation of PS3's had the PS2 chipset, and after that only one of the two chips emulated. The current 40GB version removes the other chip, eliminating PS2 support entirely. The 80GB version is probably rare by now and is only in the NTSC areas. The 60GB PAL model had PS2 support, but it was phased out for the 40GB pretty quickly.

    That means the majority of PS3 owners can't play PS2 games.

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