Sony Talk A Little Trash Over Microsoft's XBLA De-Listing

PlayStation Network boss Eric Lempel knows what he wants in an online service. He also knows what his competitors offer, and in some cases, what he does not want. Take the Xbox Live Arcade, for example, and Microsoft's recent decision to start de-listing the more unrecognised/shitty games from the service.

While naturally we only want to keep quality titles on the network we do have room for a lot of them. I think if I look over at the competitors' UI they may have some issues just displaying content, and scrolling up and down lists isn't the easiest way to find things.

No, it certainly is not. And Microsoft may well be reading these words and sobbing gently into their morning coffees. Then again, they may be doing something about it.

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    i personaly couldn't give a fuck.
    you heard it here.

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