Soul Calibur Hits Live Arcade Wednesday

While we've still got several weeks before we can get our hands on Soulcalibur IV, Xbox 360 users can gear up this Wednesday by downloading the original Soulcalibur for Xbox Live Arcade. The game has been given a fresh coat of paint to support high-definition resolutions, as well as multiplayer support in the form of online leaderboards. No online multiplayer, sadly, but the original for the Dreamcast didn't support online multiplayer either and it did just fine. All this can be yours for 800 Microsoft points.

Also appearing on XBLA this week is 280 new questions for Wits & Wagers for 320 points, which is not nearly as exciting as Soulcalibur but certainly has its charm.

This week on Arcade: SOULCALIBUR and Wits & Wagers DLC [Xbox Live's Major Nelson]


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