Soulcalibur IV Adds One More Female Fighter

With this, the seventh new character to join the Soulcalibur IV line up, we're starting to notice a trend. Kamikirimusi, like her predecessors Shura, Scheherezade, Algol Fear, and Ashlotte, is a female fighter designed by a well known Japanese artist, this time by guest artist Hirokazu Hisayuki. She'll fight with a very large metal club/mace and satisfy fans of exposed upper thigh flesh.


    Is it possible to unlock bonus character costumes for custom characters? Also I was wondering if there are more than just 8 female heads that can be unlocked? O_O
    I have the game and I'm just worried that there won't be enough Custom Content as SC3. :P Thanks in advance.
    please contact by email.

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