Soul Calibur IV Breaks Street Part II: Gameplay Video

Yesterday we posted pictures of guys who got their hands on Soulcalibur IV, 10 days before its release date of July 29. Today, we have video. I guess you can just walk into any store and ask them to break the street date and get your game. Here's Yoda vs. Ivy, Yoda taking it 4-1 with a lot of button mashing and bad camera work. If the game looks repetitive, I think these guys' admittedly bad technique (" I hadn't played a Soul Calibur title since Soul Calibur 2 a couple years ago, so our match is pretty bad.") might be to blame, not the game. If any of you manage to snag this, we'd appreciate a more informed breakdown of gameplay in the comments.

Soul Calibur [sic]IV Gameplay [Youtube]


    Dude, it's not like some stores deliberately break street dates on purpose. I mean, I was hunting for SCIV all day one time like a week ago, before it had even shipped, and every games store tols me the release date, but every department store physically looked for it. Not typed it in the computer, they went and looked in their stock. So, it is easy to get them to break street dates if they're someone who doesn't know there are such things as street dates for video games.

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