Soul Calibur IV Start Screen and Character Selection

sc_char.jpgReader Sourside21 found four Photobucket images of Soulcalibur IV breaking the street date by about 10 days. Well, maybe. It looks like these guys are playing it in the back of a store, so maybe they're employees (or friends) playing with the stock after hours. Naturally, we don't see any gameplay. But we do see the character selection page and Kratos ain't on it. "We'll probably be getting a lot of information on how each of the characters play soon", Sourside21 surmises. Good bet. All the full size photos are on the jump. Officially, Soulcalibur IV drops on July 29 in North America, July 31 in Japan, Australia and Europe, and Aug. 1 in the UK.


    OWN A COPY MYSELF (somebody broke street date :-)). beaten most of the single player and unlocked alot of stuff. (PS3 of course) and NO TROPHIES!. and there is an odd thing that pisses me off. there is an empty char slot after I've unlocked all I can. But here is the kicker that stupid voice that says things like "a tail of souls and swords eternally retold" said during one of the missions "Fight like the GOD of War himself". My 2 + 2 skills are not what they used to be but that sounds alot like Kratos. Now if this damn game is teasing me I'll kill it, but thats all i can offer at this time. If I unlock anything more I'll post pics and a link.... by the by Vader and Starkill .... AWESOME!!! Nasty force powers

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