Square Enix Confirms Chrono Trigger DS

Square Enix has gone ahead and made it official - Chrono Trigger is coming to the Nintendo DS in North America this holiday season! The game is a port of the classic Super Nintendo RPG, modified to take advantage of the DS's dual-screen presentation and touch screen functionality. They'll also be spicing things up a bit with an entirely new dungeon for the DS version, as well as wireless multiplayer battles.

I think I speak for every RPG fan ot there when I say that this is pretty much the best news I've heard all year. I can only hope that the Japanese and North American release of the game eventually leads to a version for PAL regions, who have never had the chance to play either of the Chrono titles.

Hit the jump for the official word!


    I am so glad Nintendo hasn't forgotten this game. No RPG since Chrono Trigger has ever implemented such an engaging battle system, or had such a deep storyline! Seeing it come out for the DS means a lot to me, and I hope it sells like hotcakes!

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