The Market Is Finally Ready For Wii Remote Dildo Peripherals

They're to be sold by a company by the name of oioo. No idea what games could ever support this. They come in his & her's varieties. Or her's and her's. Or his and...look, we're still a little unsure about the one on the left. It looks like it will cause injuries. And not the type that break a television. The type that makes medical textbooks, the type nurses and paramedics will joke about for years to come.

ooio [via Gizmodo]


    haahahahaha omg hahahahahah o for the love of god this is funny as hell!!!hahahahahah dude idc if u think gloating or not my dick isnt a freaking toothpick tht needs tweatheres to jack lol im gunna need a bigger hole!!!!make out of the flesh light stuff man

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