The PC At E3 - The Keyboard And Mouse Brigade

While we've taken a good hard look at what we expect from Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony during E3 2008, we've not yet touched on the original gaming platform, the personal computer. Back during my first visit to E3 in 1998, PC gaming made up a relatively large portion of the show, with PC publishers large and small showing off everything from big-name titles to tiny indie games like Space Bunnies Must Die. The new E3 has changed that a great deal. Smaller companies who might have once brought their games to the Expo for exposure to retailers and publishers just can't justify the space to show off their wares...and why should they? In the age of high-speed internet, smaller companies can deliver a demo to the press in minutes, so the PC presence has definitely dwindled at the event.


    ..the original gaming platform, the personal computer.

    Um, the origional sucess for computer games came from Acrade Cabinates, long before personal computers. And before that, university computers (Not personal computer, which were stil a while off).

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