The Wii Bikini Queens (Not In Bikinis)

Nintendo's Japanese ads are smart. They don't just feature famous celebrities, but former-bikini-girls-turned-mainstream celebs. That's curvy cheesecake pin-up turned actress Eiko Koike on the new Wii Fit TV spot. Sure, the Nintendo ad isn't gratuitous in the least, but it certainly doesn't turn its back on Koike's most famous assets. This isn't the first bikini girl to shill Wii stuff. Earlier this spring, Swimsuit idol Aki Hoshino appeared in Mario Kart Wii spots in a mini-skirt.

They've both done some risqué stuff in the past — nothing X-rated. Google if you like! Just know: These sorts of celebs advertise all kinds of stuff in Japan, so it's not totally unusual to see that here. Either shows how mainstream these models are or how progressive Nintendo's Japanese advertising is. Hit the jump for the Hoshino ad from earlier this year, via Jean Snow at Game|Life.

Watch the Eiko Ad [Wii]


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