Things We Don't Ever Want To See At E3 Again. Ever.

E3 was a disappointment. But you knew that already. Yet do you know why it was a disappointment? Sure, there are the easy answers. Few new game announcements. Anything Nintendo said or did. But they're just that. Easy answers. There were a lot more things wrong with the show than just those limelight-grabbers. Things that we never want to see at E3 again. Ever.



    For this particularly annoying and increasingly more frequent phenomenon I have stolen and already coined word from the english lexicon and re-shaped its meaning to fit.

    This should from now on be refered to as "Hazing". The act of a developer or PR person acting with obviously forced enthusiasm and excitement over a product that they clearly dont see great potential. All in order to generate some kinda of hype machine to sell as many copies of said game at release, ala every video of or interview relating to "Haze" ever released.

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