Thompson Calls Judge 'Raving Wild Woman', 'Unhinged'

It's been a little more than a month since we broke the news that Judge Dava Tunis was recommending that Jack Thompson receive enhanced disbarment, and finally today he's gotten around to his normal round of name calling.

In a letter to the Judicial Qualifications Commission, Thompson questions Judge Tunis' mental stability and asks that she undergo a mental health exam. He also calls her a raving wild woman and suggests that she might be mentally impaired.

In a separate motion filed to strike Tunis' findings, Thompson calls into question the hearing and, once more, Judge Tunis saying she is "out of her judisprudential mind" and referring to her as Dava in Wonderland.


    I always thought thompson was mentally retarded, how can he call someone else a mental retard when he is a paranoid dillusional freak?
    love scott.

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