Too Human Reclassified MA 15+ To M, PC Version Hinted At?

Too Human Reclassified MA 15+ To M, PC Version Hinted At?

The OFLC’s classification database is packed full of surprises, both sad and delightful. The most recent of these was not one, but two ratings for Silicon Knights’ Too Human. Why would a game get two (or more) ratings? Most of the time it’s because a game is released on multiple platforms, but not simultaneously, so the later release has to be classified separately.

However, this is not the case for the Xbox 360-only Too Human.

The first entry for the title is dated May 30, and smacks the game with an “MA 15+”. Yet, the second entry on June 18 shows it with the softer “M”. My first thought was “Ah damn, not more censorship!”, so I contacted Microsoft to find out what the deal was.According to the publisher, each rating is indeed based on a different build. While there was no official comment regarding the changes to the game, and the need for a revised rating, it stands to reason the earlier version contained stronger themes. Whatever those themes were, it was enough to push Too Human out of the rather heavy MA 15+ bracket and into the softer M, no doubt expanding the game’s potential audience.

Now, before you get all excited, this new build was sent out to all regions, not just Australia. It’s hard to piece together the sequence of events, but it looks like internationally, Microsoft had a build of the game classified and ready to go. Then, for some reason, Silicon Knights put together a new version with softer themes, which was sent out and – at least in Australia – reclassified.

So, what can we take away from this?:
1) Australia has the same version of Too Human as everyone else;
2) The OFLC classified two versions of the game, with the M-rated one sent to retail and;
3) Both entries are marked “Multi Platform”. Does this mean a PC version is on the way?

TOO HUMAN Game (Multi Platform) – MA15+ [OFLC]
TOO HUMAN Game (Multi Platform) – M [OFLC]


  • The OFLC always classifies games as multi-platform even when exclusive

    Look up Singstar 2 for instance 🙂

    I did a research assignment on the OFLC in University for Communications and I think you will find that as long as the game does not change between platforms even if time does pass, the game can be put on shelves without a change.

    A good example is Gears of War, classified 8th September 2006, and not afterwards despite a PC version coming out sometime later.

    As long as cut 1 passes on 1 platform, no changes are made, you can release it on whatever you want.

    This even applies to handhelds. Get a ps3 game classified? Game with same name on PSP is good to go as well, as long as its the same name and storyline

  • They could be leaving themselves open in the case of Gears of War. The PC version had whole new chunks of content.

  • Awww you just gotta LOVE pointless self-censorship. Not that I was going to buy the game anyway (as the demo was complete tripe) but what the hell?

  • YES! I would love to have a PC version for the mouse and keyboard hotkeys…While I’m really loving the 360 version on the big screen, If a PC version comes out, I would LOVE to have the option to move the camera around with the mouse, as in Hellgate etc… I think the controls would work fantastic, not to mention you could always plug your 360 pad into your PC anyway.

    Come on Denis, put it out on PC man! I know he’s a hardcore PC gamer, and talked not to long ago about being addicted to Sins of the Solar Empire, with MS knowing that Too Human is a very diablo like game, and knowing that Hellgate didn’t get the formula down all the way and having issues, maybe Too Human can fill that gap, hmm?

    There is so many potential mods for this game, I can see a MASSIVE community getting behind this game.

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