Top Travel Spots for Gamers

Top Travel Spots for Gamers

With an aging gaming population comes more gamers with money, which means … money to spend on travel. Bonnie Ruberg takes a look at where gamers would go given $US 1,500 for expenses for a ‘game-related’ vacation. PAX? E For All? Tokyo Game Show? … Disneyland? I can’t remember the last proper vacation I had, but I can say definitively I wouldn’t be planning it around a convention or expo. In fact, a weekend off with time to do nothing but hang out would be a treat right now:

Not everyone’s so ready to move from the sofa and fly across the country though. Chris Furniss, a 26-year-old Web site designer at Microsoft Game Studios in Redmond, Wash., feels $US 1,500 won’t get him far. “Since flights anywhere are so expensive and I already live in Seattle, I’d go to PAX and live it up”, he says. “I’d stay at a nice hotel downtown, get tickets for all three days and go on a shopping spree on the show floor. PAX is the gamer destination of choice and always a really fantastic time”.

Short piece with a nice little slideshow and worth a looksee on a lazy, overcast Saturday like today.

Top Travel Spots For Game Fans [Forbes via Heroine Sheik

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