Tretton Says No 360 Final Fantasy XIII Coming to Japan

Microsoft's announcement of an Xbox 360 Final Fantasy XIII wasn't a surprise to SCEA head Jack Tretton, but it was a disappointment.

"Am I disappointed by it? Yes", he said at a recent meeting with game writers. "Am I surprised? No".

The loss of such a prestigious exclusive wasn't probably unavailable in the current state of the games industry, he added.

"It's going to be harder and harder to hold on to franchises", he said, adding that Final Fantasy XIII will remain a Playstation exclusive in Japan.


    i dont know if anyone has saud this yet, but has anyone noticed that ff13 has the exact same art direction as the last 3 ff games. sure all the ff games are similar in art direction but ff13 and ff12 are pretty much copies of each other.

    as for the move to make it a xbox game. with the current state of suqare enix they need all the money they can get.

    putting out a game on the ps3 and ps2 are different things, these days the ps3 dosent cut it, thats what tretton knows. you can expect this to happen to almost every 3rd party ps3 only game the ps2 had

    i'm assumung the only reason MGS4 was a ps3 only game was the size limitations of the xbox disk

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