'Uncharted Is Structured Like A Porn Movie'

We like Uncharted. As website Action Button points out, it's the best game ever made about a dude in a T-shirt and jeans. The cutscenes were pretty good, too with sharp dialogue and everything. David Cage from French studio Quantic Dream explains how PS3 Heavy Rain is different from PS3 exclusive Uncharted:

Honestly, I loved the game. I thought Uncharted was very interesting. There was some very, very interesting aspects to it. The big difference between Uncharted and what we're doing here is that Uncharted was still structured like a video game. It gives you a bit of story, then action, then a bit of story, then action — like porn movies, when you think about it.

More adult film musing after the jump.

Porn movies are structured in exactly the same way, except that the action is not the same (laughter), but it's the same structure. Most video games are done like that. It's one thing to do a great cutscene, even if it's real time. It's another thing to try to tell the story as you play, so the story's not told through cutscenes — it's told through gameplay. So you don't need acting performance in cutscenes. You need interactive performance.

Guess that means Uncharted the best game ever made with the same structure as a porn movie about a dude in a T-shirt and jeans.

Dreaming of a New Day: Heavy Rain's David Cage [Gamasutra via Eurogamer]


    Matt Damon said the same about his movie "The Bourne Supremacy" on an Australian late-night talk show.

    It's an old joke. :P

    Uncharted is my favourite game still, yes i like it more than MGS4, i loved every bit about it. The cutscenes had terriffic acting and after you pl;ayed through the game a couple of times and know what happens, you could skip them, and with no loading screen continue the game. With half life 2 however,m the boring parts where people are just talking were unskippable, giving me the shits on my seconds play through. SO i prefer if the story is skippable in cutscenes, rather than in game.

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