Vivendi Gives Bourne Back To Ludlum

Vivendi Gives Bourne Back To Ludlum

As a part of Activision’s continuing offloading of Sierra properties, Ludlum Entertainment has required the rights to create games based off of the works of Robert Ludlum. These include the Bourne series and Covert One, both of which excited Crecente to no end when Vivendi first announced them back in 2005. Now three years and one measly game later the ball is back in Ludlum’s court.

“Our colleagues at Vivendi Games did a tremendous job of capturing the spirit and allure of Robert Ludlum’s writing with The Bourne Conspiracy and the gaming community’s strong response is clear indication that future Ludlum games will deliver both popularity and profitability for years to come”, commented Jeffrey Weiner, CEO of Ludlum Entertainment.

Weiner went on to say that the company looked forward to working with other partners in the future.

Ludlum estate reacquires Bourne game rights from Vivendi []

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