Want A Cheap Halo Edition Xbox 360? How Does $265 Sound?

Want A Cheap Halo Edition Xbox 360? How Does $265 Sound?
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Update: The product page has been taken down; it looks like someone at Dick Smith may have made a boo-boo. EcoGamer recommends you give your local store a ring to see if it is willing to sell the console at the reduced price.

Madness. Utter, utter madness. Anthony at EcoGamer sends word that Dick Smith Electronics is currently selling its stock of Halo Edition 360s for the stupid price of $264.50. These are Pro units, with a good chance of having the cooler Falcon chipset.

This news comes hot on the cheap-arse heels of Big W’s discount Xbox 360 Arcades. I don’t know if it’s the retailers or Microsoft that’s flipped their lids, but someone has clearly gone nuts with the “on-sale” stickers.

If you don’t already own a 360, you might want to grab one. I doubt you’ll see prices like this again soon.

Halo Xbox 360 $US 264.50 [EcoGamer, thanks Anthony]


  • I think this was a mistake:

    “It appears the website is slow and the product page has been removed. Ring your local stores (primarily Power House) to check that they will honour the price for product number YG1172.”

  • It may have been, or they might have sold out. The I cant find the Halo edition 360 anywhere on the site anymore. If it was a mistake the price would have been changed not the item entirely removed.

    Someone on PALGN mentioned they called their local store and they said they had them at that price (this was after the page went down). So if you are interested, simply call all your local stores and find out for sure.

  • it’s almost certainly legit – I actually got one of these for $320 at Harvey Norman in Chatswood about 3 months ago (with a copy of Halo 3 thrown in).

    it’s also worth nothing that you get a charge kit included (which doesn’t come with the standard pro model). BARGAIN.

    and haha @ discounts on these machines. I am SHOCKED that nobody wanted to pay $600 for a baby shit coloured console (sarcasm).

  • @pedantics – also the headset doesn’t normally come with a Pro model I believe. I got one of these at HN about 3 months ago when there was a sale but for $500.. how’d you manage $320!?! Lucky!

    I don’t mind the colour, personally I think it looks better than the white one. Either way, it sits behind the 24″ monitor it’s connected to and I don’t really have to look at it. Although I do have to hold the controller 🙂

  • I just picked up one for $264.50 at dick smith in Perth (city store, they only had 1) The guy at the counter couldnt believe it, he said it was 90% under profit. Now I just have to buy a few games

  • ^^^ “The guy at the counter couldnt believe it, he said it was 90% under profit.”

    +$2k for a 360 ?

  • I picked up one at the Penrith Powerhouse Store, it was the last one in stock besides the display model. Excellent price. I was also the one mentioned in the article who called a Dick Smiths store to confirm they had stock and price, so YaY me lol

  • Yeah, I can confirm that most/all stores do have it at this price. I rang around at some Townsville and Brisbane stores today, no stock left in Townsville or at the Brisbane stores I did ring (Eastern Brisbane suburbs, can’t remember the names) but all said it had the $264.50 price on it. Apparently there is one left at the Springwood PowerHouse in NSW, but you’ll be bloody lucky if that one is still around by opening tomorrow. None left at all in WA apparently, don’t know about the other states though.

  • Headset comes with a Pro console, they swapped it out of the SKU for the remote awhile ago.

    Checked our local, not to be seen. Friggin good price though, I like the olive myself.

  • I was at Dick Smith Electronics at Hornsby today and i called them up prior to picking one up – they said they had 3 in stock. As i was about to purchase one over the counter they then inform me that they’re not allowed to sell it as it is discontinued and then then claim that they’re only allowed to sell it online. Jerks.

  • Yeah I grabbed one 😀
    Innaloo Powerhouse had 3 left, me and a mate of mine grabbed 2 and one of their staff took the other one

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