Warhammer Online Loses Four Cities, Four Classes

The good news? Warhammer Online just launched its Guild Beta. The bad news? There's a bit less game for the Guilds to beta. In an interview with MMORPG.com, Mythic Entertainment VP and General Manager Mark Jacobs explains that in order for the game to be ready for launch, certain sacrifices had to be made, including nixing four of the six staring racial capital cities in favour of one for each faction, and getting rid of four of the classes that they just couldn't make work. On the cutting board are the Choppa (Greenskin), the Hammerer (Dwarf), the Blackguard (Dark Elf), and the Knight of the Blazing Sun (Empire)...two DPS classes and two tank classes.

"Of all of the news in this interview, this is the worst. Having to cut these guys out, even though it's the right decision, I am really sorry that we have to do it. I truly am. I don't like going to the guys and telling them 'hey sorry, we've got to cut these guys out. They're just not good enough but that was what we had to do."

Yikes. Racial cities at launch will now be Altdorf (Empire) and Inevitable City (Chaos), with the Greenskins, Dwarves, and Elves homeless until later on down the line. Note that these are not starting areas, but bases that figure into RVR combat later in the game.

It really is shocking to see such large chunks of content cut out so close to the game's release, but I suppose it's better than just including a bunch of crap you weren't satisfied with and hoping to polish it off after the game went live. At least Jacobs didn't beat around the bush or try to sugarcoat things.

"We've always believed that it is important to go to the community with both good news and bad," he said. "Whether it's the state of the games, or just talking in the forums, we're professional enough to confront bad news head on and not try to hide it and not try to play games and wait until the last minute when people have already bought the game to tell them. We will not play those kinds of games."

Ever since that one summer where I did nothing but play Dark Age of Camelot all day long (Go Avalon!), Mythic Entertainment has struck me as one of the most community-centric MMO companies in the industry. Sure, this is a heaping helping of bad news, but all is not lost, right?

Jacobs Interview Part Two - Punkbuster, Capitol Cities and Careers, Page Two [MMORPG.com - Thanks Helen!]


    this game indeed has some very nice classes, but they seem to remove the best of them , i meen blackguard choppa and hammerer?? (who cares about blazing knight he looked liked he joined the battle field right after the rio fiesta anyways) those where the best of classes, i dont buy the lines of "we want to make it great" i think they want to have it out in order to compete wrath of the litch king and shit, who cares WE WANT THE BLACKGUARD BACK , FFS when I pre-ordered your website featured the black guard and actually that class is the only reason i wanted to play the game , so wtf ? i feel kidna scamed

    I love how people claim that they know everything about a game by looking at 1 or 2 screenshots, or reading one short article about the recent cuts the game is going to have. People who don't buy a game because of news like this are not only fickle, but they show that they do not understand how the development process works. The kind of people who will find anything to complain about. And honestly, if you choose to not play an mmo because your ONE favorite class got cut, you really should not be playing mmo's.

    I find it staggering when people bank all of their hopes on a single class, when most of those same people are not beta testers and have no idea how the class will play anyways.

    MMO's are constantly changing and being updated, thats the great part about them. And as many people have said before just about every MMO cuts content before their actual release, at least with this game they were upfront about it. I would much rather find out what is being cut beforehand then discovering the cuts after I'm already home playing the newly purchased product.

    I guess what I'm really annoyed at is the fickleness of the people in general. I mean the game won't be made or broke on cuts like these, and for people who think that an unfinished game is going to be released I would say take a look at some sites, actually do some research and be excited about all the great features this game will provide at launch. Try not to get caught up in what will not be available at launch, but focus on what IS going to be there, and then make your decision on whether this game is worth your time or not.

    For me, this game is still very, very worth it.

    Firsty its not supposed to be a discussion on wow, and whoever was that dork who said cities rotted in wow, you obviously did not play wow much. Cities that were constantly sat and visited in "Thundb" "Org" "Swind" "Undercity" "Ironf" "Shat", even today 6 as supposdly in war. And for this launch no 2 will do that auctually work, but i for one and from reading the above, we need the rest implemented later so we have complete housing and cities and linked ah not overcrowed.
    Amazing as it is, ppl like to go to there own cities race headquarters, just the way it is.
    And as strange as it is they feel at home there.
    After playing both sides horde and aliance, ppl did just that, and horded there in droves.

    As for the races, there is no point having races without there tank class and from the read above, removing (blackguard and knight sun) tanks for now is no bigge because we have two workable tanks, but and i mean But removing the two dps classes is a major problem (Choppa+Hammer) ppl like in particular heavy classes who can dual wield dps, remove those and only option is lower armoured dps classes which is a pitiful alternative as im sure is a major mistake for releasing early. I have also read all over the place, they were and still are way broken and talent trees all over the place, so i agree who wants a broken toon, but we need them back yes
    when they are ready. Particularly in pvp areas.

    From what I read and it seams they will be implemented in time i can only wonder though how long this time frame maybe + same for cities.??

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