What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Being surrounded by the latest and greatest future releases the video game industry has to offer might lead one to think that my thirst for gaming has been quenched. Not so. Despite having access to E3's massive library of games, I experienced but a fraction of what was playable at the Los Angeles Convention Centre. Fortunately, I have a hard drive full of Xbox Live Arcade games to fill the void, including some stuff that, well, I'm not sure I'm allowed to mention. Suffice it to say, I'll be playing something fun this weekend.

On top of that, we'll be prepping for Comic Con. Anyone going?

I'll also be heading out to the Street Fighter Fight Club event in LA tonight, spending a bit more time with Street Fighter IV (and whatever else is on hand). Your gaming plans for this weekend are...?



    It's been gathering dust since I picked it up on sale (a week before GTA IV dropped) so I should probably show Skarin that I still care...

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