What Did You Think Of The Too Human Demo?

Most of us at Kotaku were busy worker bees when Microsoft and Silicon Knights unleashed the Too Human demo on the Xbox 360 owning masses. Speaking to Microsoft Games Studios folk at E3 this week, we heard nothing but glowing reception to the game. Universal acclaim we did not expect, so I was personally curious about the Kotaku readership's opinion of the demo.

Looks like some of you have already weighed in with your opinion in the comments of the original post, but for those who've spent a bit more time with part one of the planned epic adventure, tell us (dammit) what you think of the Too Human demo.


    I've been looking forward to this for a long time, and I have to say I was initially disappointed by the demo. Initially.

    The Valkyrie death scene MUST be patched to be skippable (at least after the first death each level?) to stop this game from becoming a frustrating mess. The graphics aren't great, either, and the voiceovers from the marines quickly got irritating.

    HOWEVER. When it works - and it works often, when the camera angle gels nicely, and your beserker is bouncing from one gremlin to the next to the next, dispatching them in one hit with your nice new blue swords you just got from that giant troll beast, and the angle is just right to see your FPS roll into the golden 50-60 zone, this game is pure joy.

    The sticks, when they work, are a fantastic method of bouncing from enemy to enemy quickly and intuitively, and the guns only take marginally more time to get used to. My second run through with a beserker on this demo and I was clearing most timed rooms in ten to fifteen seconds flat.

    Definite buy for me, and if I get a half dozen golden moments like this out of it, it will be worth it.

    So, after all the hype you guys say this game is shit?

    Don't worry 360 fans.

    You will get Halo 4 in 2011, and your all so set with your DVD rental system. Can't wait to rent those videos LOOOOL!

    And that wicked down graded version of Home, that's gotta be awesome!

    Let's hope Alan Wake turns out to be a shooter, like every other 260 game, because if its anything like Tetris, your whole 360 line up is pretty much Gears of War 2 with nothing else to look forward too...mind you that game will come on PC, so there you go.. you have nothing :)

    Yes, that did feel good rubbing salt into your wounds!

    Rubs it in!

    I was surprised, based on other comments I thought it was going to reach out of the screen and squeeze my balls fiercely and then laugh at me in Dennis Dyack's voice as I squirmed and wept in pain.

    But it was good, I liked it, based on this demo I am going to buy it. My only problem with it was getting used to the right analog stick for melee.

    Game Is Garbage! Absolute Garbage. I've seen things in my bin that I would reconsider throwing out over Too Human.. Dyack is such a douche!

    I liked it... loot addiction mostly I think.

    Played through with all the characters and don't think they all play differently enough to justify 5 classes... but it is only a short demo so who knows in the long term.

    The graphics are definitely proficient and I dig the aesthetic. The animation are very bland though.

    The camera sucks though oddly it doesn't seem to affect some characters as much as other, e.g. the berserker will happily leap from mob to mob regardless of whether you the player can really see them whereas the commando can't fire at offscreen mobs so if you get turned around you're in trouble.

    I can see myself buying the game.

    After playing the demo I will be DEFINITELY be picking up the retail version. For me I've been hanging out for a next gen Diablo and I think that this game may just deliver that. Sure there are some flaws (camera for one) but from what I've played so far the pros far outweigh the cons.

    In a word (with an sea shanty lilt): 'orrible... me 'earties.

    Thought it was dreadful.

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