Why We May Not Get Decent Trophy Support For A While

Sony's 2.40 firmware - whenever it comes back to us, at any rate - allows the implementation of achievement-style trophies to your user account. Like achievements, it'll probably turn out to be a successful move, convincing PS3 owners to spend more time with their games than they may otherwise have without them. But with the trophy system having to be manually added to each game already out on the PS3, when can we realistically expect most games to include the feature? Well, realistically, not soon, and Insomniac's Bryan Intihar gives us the perfect example why, posting on the PlayStation Blog:

Currently, there are no plans to add trophies to [Resistance]and [Ratchet & Clank] . Right now, our No. 1 focus is finishing [Resistance 2]and making it the best game possible.

Suggesting that, sadly (for you), implementing them takes longer than five minutes, and that Insomniac - like a lot of develolpers, we're sure - have more pressing matters to attend to.

Want more R2? Grab GamePro [PlayStation.Blog]


    Do we get a trophy for a successful 2.40 update?

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