Will Australia See The 80GB PS3? [Update: Yes It Will]

Will Australia See The 80GB PS3? [Update: Yes It Will]
Will Australia See The 80GB PS3? [Update: Yes It Will]Excellent question, and one I asked Sony earlier today. Unfortunately, it has yet to get back to me. What I can say is the announcement of a 80GB unit gives credence to earlier rumours that a new PS3 SKU is on its way to Australia. Not that storage is an exciting commodity, with the average cost per GB of a 500GB HDD coming in at 20c.

There’s also the strong possibility the 80GB will replace the 40GB. If the 80GB comes in at the same price as the 40GB in the US, and the 40GB isn’t replaced locally or given a price cut… well, I’d be more than a bit upset with Sony, given the massive difference in US/AU RRPs already.

Update: Looks like Sony was too busy talking to Gamespot. It has confirmation the 80GB is coming to Australia, though there are no details on pricing. Thanks Luke P.


  • This somewhat doesnt make sense, firstly they released the PS3 in 80GB outside Australia, then Australia got the original 60GB (with backwards compatibility via emulation, plus card reader, plus 4 usb ports), then the cut down version with a 40GB hard disk was released, and now they go back to 80GB – this is illogical in my view.

    I also wonder if Sony have dumped Seagate as their PS3 OEM HDD supplier which might have enabled this as well?

  • Sony is ripping Australia off, it really annoys me.

    They are giving away 35,000 PS3’s with TV’s this month because they can’t sell any.

    You think actually pricing it properly would sell consoles.

    I mean $399 US = $420AU

    WHY THE FUCK DO WE PAY $699?????????????

    And might I add, for the shit version.. what a fucking joke!

    Couldn’t Kotaku mention something to Sony.

    I really hate websites like this not saying anything directly to them!

  • Do we get NPD-style numbers here? I can’t wait for Sony’s 35k inflated announcement about how many they’ve “sold” in July.

    $10 says they’ll increase the price, because of the larger size.

  • I’m saving up for a PS3, and if this one doesn’t get a price cut, i’ll go and buy a Wii instead. Sony need to use their heads.

  • Yeah, me too, except I’ve got a Wii already! I’ve also got an XBox360 too. Well might as well give the money to Sony’s competitors, games that is. Wake up Sony and price your machine appropriately for the OZ market.

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