Will Sony Inflict Massive Damage At E3 08?

After rebounding from a disastrous showing at E3 2006 — five hundred and ninety nine U.S. dollars, massive damage, motion controlololol, giant enemy crabs, etc. — with a more understated E3 2007 presentation — is that... Chewbacca? — Sony has a meaty line-up planned for 2008. In fact, Sony Computer Entertainment America may have too much to pack into its E3 press conference this year, as it gears up for its third holiday season in North America. The list of games it should have on hand for the PlayStation 3 will make for impressive sizzle trailers and thrilling ship date announcements. But SCEA will likely have one or two things up its sleeve, as rumours of God of War 3 and a new Twisted Metal abound.



    Even though I've heard of each and every piece of information this article mentioned at some time or another, the gathering of them all makes for one hefty blow.

    This even furthers convinces me that Sony are going to give its fans a lot to be excited for this E3.

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