WipEout HD Has 'A Specific Technical Problem'

One of the best PS3 games we've laid our hands on over the past 12 months has been the PSN version of classic PlayStation racer WipEout. It was playable all the way back at TGS, and has been playable at various events since, and yet at E3 this year, it was nowhere. No mention of it, no mention of a release date. So what gives? Looks as if while most of the game simply sings, some of it doesn't, with the game plagued by a "really, really tricky technical problem" that nobody at Sony has been able to fix. As a result, they're hoping the game will be out by Christmas, but just can't guarantee it. Bummer.

WipEout HD delayed due to technical issue [Eurogamer]


    What about the size of Wipeout HD itself? For you unfortunate souls who get hit from your ISP by the byte - or have capped accounts - how are you supposed to download this PSN game for less than 2.71 souls?

    That could be an issue, that is very technical - because technically you could be getting *@&#ed by your ISP if you get it.

    God I want to play this game already. I've been waiting for a new Wip3Out since Fusion.

    Wipeout XL (aka 2097) is by far the best one. Pure would be great if it was on a "real TV".

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