Wrap-o-matic: Monday Night

Why Penny Arcade Took so Long to Go PSN and May Never Go Wii Ware Easy solution - buy an Xbox or PC!

The Skinny On Resident Evil: Degeneration It has zombies. What else do we need to know?

Comic-Con: It's a Wrap Something at Comic-Con 08 you didn't see? It's all right here.

'Uncharted Is Structured Like A Porn Movie' I must have missed the boobies the first time through. Guess I know what I'll be playing today...

Dead Rising Wii vs. Dead Rising Xbox 360 There are zombies galore in both games, so I'm not troubled at all.


    Question here, for lack of anywhere else I can see to post it - why am I being autodirected here when I go to us.kotaku?

    @Achenar: This was a problem earlier today, but us.kotaku.com took me to the US site a minute ago without a problem. You might need to clear your cache.

    Otherwise, http://kotaku.com should work.

    @Logan: Nope - cache cleared and I'm still being redirected. Hm.

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