Wrap-o-matic: Wednesday Night

LittleBigPlanet: Make Good Stuff, Get More Space
A fair deal to me! If only I was creative…

Warhammer Online System Requirements Revealed
Yes, it’s time to upgrade your 486DX/2 and TNT2.

Frankenreview: SoulCalibur IV (Xbox 360)
Fine ladies and fierce fighting: what could possibly be bad about this?

Ken Levine Kind Of A Twat, Maybe An Arsehole
Don’t be so hard on yourself Ken, we still like you.

Nintendo, and the crazy amounts of software and hardware it sells:
DS, Wii Totally Cooling Off In Japan
Forget Wii Fit, It’s Mario Kart That’s Buttering Nintendo’s Bread
Nintendo DS Software Sales Up, Nintendo Wii Software Sales Up (Up, Up, Up!)
Nintendo Hardware Sales: DS Sales Down, Wii Sales Up (With Bonus Lifetime Sales Data)
Nintendo’s Sales And Profits Are Up, Yo


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