Wrap-o-matic: Wednesday Night (a.k.a Fallout 3 Ban Night)

Dead Rising 2 Set in Vegas ?
As long as it’s got zombies and chainsaws, it could be in the Arctic as far as I’m concerned!

Microsoft Denies Motion Control Revealed Via Banjo Kazooie Preview
Oh Microsoft, you’re so silly.

Zero Punctuation on Lego Indy, With Bonus!
I’m glad Yatzhee and I agree on the stupid auto-aim.

Frankenreview: Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution
It’s Civ on next-gen consoles. You’d think it wouldn’t work, but it does.

Thompson: Judge Recommends Permanent Disbarment
Is this the last we’ll hear of Jack Thompson, Crazy at Law?

It’s Official: Fallout 3 Refused Classification In Australia
And in case you missed it, Kotaku AU got the scoop on the OFLC’s banning of Fallout 3.


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