Xbox 360 60GB Already In The Wild

The official street date for the new 60GB equipped Xbox 360 — the new "Pro" model — isn't for another week, but some retailers (Target) are already selling the console. It's priced at $349, a not-quite-a-price drop replacement for the 20GB model, if you're in the market for an extra 40 gigabytes. Your mileage may vary, but if you happen to cruise by a Target on the way home, you might score.

Xbox 360 60GB already out at Target [Penny College via Gizmodo]


    i think there is jasper mobo installed in the 60gb sku as the price is reduced to somwat near 349$ which is ex price for the 20gb sku..

    they did it on purpose i.e 65nm cpu and gpu means lower manfacturing cost otherwise M$ not so stupid to replace the drive and keep the price static..

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