Xbox 360 Exclusive Or Bullet To The Head? Kaz Picks Bullet To The Head

Microsoft might have bagged a big PS3 exclusive at E3 with Final Fantasy XIII. But, Sony Computer Entertainment honcho Kaz Hirai really does not want any Xbox 360 exclusives. Like at all. Even abstractly! In an E3 interview with Swedenish daily Aftonbladet, Hirai reportedly says he'd take a bullet to the head over taking an Xbox 360 exclusive. Harsh! In the past few days, Microsoft and Sony have been trading barbs like crazy. It's like 2006 all over again. Anyway, here's the exchange, kindly translated by Kotakuite Mordochai:

Aftonbladet: If you had to choose ONE exclusive Xbox 360 title and launch it for the PS3 instead, which game would it be?
Hirai: I don't think I have to choose any.....
Aftonbladet: You have to pick one.
Hirai: Again, I don't think I have to pick one because we have such a fantastic lineup of games.
Aftonbladet: But if someone is holding a gun to your head and you have to choose one. Which game would it be?
Hirai: Okay.. then they have to shoot me, because I really don't think we need any.

Kaz, you're making Giant Kaz Face sad.

Kaz Hirai Interview [Aftonbladet]


    lmao i love that guy i would rather die than buy an Xbox not because i am mentally ill or because i am a Fanboy of PS3 but simply because loser Gates thinks he can do anything.. and that includes making a crapy designed weaksauce Console and think he can dominate the market by buying out every company that tries to do Ps3 Exclusives.. and if he thinks that by making SO4 a Xbox exclusive will help him sell more consoles in Japan i assure you it will not happen.. so crawl under a rock and Die M$ because no1 likes you including me.. and as far as the 2timing who*e Square Enix goes be prepared for a major drop on income this coming year because you have really pissed the **** out of at least 10mil Ps3 owners worldwide..

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