Zero Punctuation Takes On Ctrl+Alt+Del

Either there were no games worth Yahtzee reviewing this week, or recent developments in the gaming webcomic Ctrl+Alt+Del have frustrated him as much as they've frustrated me and he decided he needed to vent. Yahtzee hides behind the view of making fun of all webcomics in a generic fashion until he gets to the bit about a whacky webcomic shifting gears to do a story on the female character having a miscarriage. This is exactly what happened in Tim Buckley's Ctrl+Alt+Del, a comic I've long been a fan of but can suddenly not stomach.

While the hardcore fans have been defending him and calling him brave and such, the more...I suppose softcore fans like myself have just stared at the comics wondering why the hell he would do such a thing. Very special episodes were great for TV sitcoms in the 80's, but suddenly tossing a dead baby into your whacky webcomic just isn't quite the same.
Zero Punctuation [The Escapist]


    Still cannot figure out how Ctrl+Alt+Del got so many fans in the first place. The less fools pandering to Tim Buckley's pretentious tripe the better.

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again.

    Yahtzee is a verbose hack.

    I don't like him, his opinions, or his utterly pointless videos, filled with words he looked up in a thesaurus, that he speaks at a rate not unlike Blurr from the Transformers. Except Blurr was cool.

    What is the world coming to when comedy, that has some depth, is torn to shreds for daring to try something new after god knows how many years.

    I hope to god that not everyone truly is as ADHD as Yahtzee, because the world is going to become a very repetetive and boring place.

    Dexxie, you are a fool. "What is the world coming to" yes because things like WWII are nothing compaired to a game critic critising a game comic.

    Personally I don't like CAD, you cearly do, not that that is wrong. Also just so you remember, don't call something pointless because when called out on it you'll have to admit your comment is pointless making you an arse.

    Wow, way to prove Godwin's Law man

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