360 Arcade Outselling Pro (In Australia)

Since the recent Xbox 360 price cuts in Australia, the Arcade SKU has been the biggest-selling 360 in the country. That's not anecdotal, that's according to Xbox Australia. Before you start giggling or accuse them of straight-up lying, be aware that those price-cuts made the Arcade 360 the cheapest current-gen console in the country, at $350 (the Wii retails for $400), so don't be surprised if this unnatural phenomenon spreads to other markets when sales figures start turning up.

Arcade outsells the Pros [Screen Play]


    Hmm, I bought the arcade, it's a good console. I see why it's sold so much here though, our Broadband is overpriced and is not upto date, HD sets are still not common place and things just cost more here. In all, as a person who preferences offline gameplay, I am sick of defending the arcade. A guy in GAMES had a go at me, like the yanks are having on their Kotaku about the Arcade. Some people can't get it around their heads that "Can't use all the features? Cheaper is better"

    When the 360's have massive slashes, eg Big W, the 360 is impossable to find.

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