Afrika In Your Japanese Hotel

PS3 title Afrika is launching this week in Japan. And to help promote the game, the Excel Hotel Tokyu in Haneda is running a special Afrika themed campaign priced at ¥19,000 (for one person) or ¥15,000 (for two — each must pay) a night. Participating rooms will be outfitted with a projector screen and hi-def projector that displays images from the game. What's more, guests will get a "Savannah plate" picnic meal for another ¥4,000 that includes a hamburger, grilled seafood and a salad — or as PS3 Fanboy notes, "a special exotic meal".

【期間限定!!】2008年9月1日(月)〜2008年9月30日(火) [Haneda-E via PS3 Fanboy]


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