Australia Will Miss Out On 160GB PS3, Get Wireless Keypad Instead

It was hidden as single sentence in a garbled press release yesterday, so I totally missed it. But, that doesn’t change the fact it’s true. Mixed in with all the talk about the new PSP and upcoming titles, SCE Australia slipped in this nugget:

SCE Aust. confirmed it will not be introducing the limited edition 160GB PS3 announced by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe at the 2008 Games Convention Developers Conference (GCDC) held in Leipzig, Germany.

Wait, wait! It’s not all bad:

However, the new Wireless Keypad peripheral for PS3 will be launched in Australia before the end of the year.

Oh yes, that really makes up for it.I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised – Sony is about to push out the 80GB here, which probably came at considerable effort. Plus, having two SKUs in the wild would force them to cut the price on the 80GB. No, I think Sony’s very happy charging $699 (otherwise known as “out the arse”) for its next-gen console.

SCE Australia MD Michael Ephraim was hyped enough about the 80GB anyhow. “The games recently announced at the Games Convention in Leipzig only go to strengthen the appeal of the PS3”, quotes the release. “We expect our current 350,000 install base to continue to grow significantly when the new model launches at the end of August, with consumers keen to not only enjoy some of our exclusive gaming titles, but also step into a world of Blu-ray movies and high definition entertainment”. Cheers Mike!


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