Australian Rock Band Pricing Confirmed, Still Ball-Busting

Sigh. Big sigh. The EB Games’ website pretty much confirms the pricing details we heard about last month. $289.95 for the drum kit, guitar and microphone, $119.95 for the game, $109.95 for one guitar and $169.95 for the drum kit. Which means you’ll have to shell out $520 bucks for the complete Rock Band experience. If this number looks familiar, it should – it’s exactly the same price NZ gamers will be paying, going by the now-retracted info from Gameplanet.

What’s particularly damning is that EB’s prices prove Harmonix has absolutely no idea what the hell is going on.

Even taking into account the insane cost and delayed release of the original, you guys are still hot for Rock Band 2, with song, DLC and (for those who imported) instrument compatibility with Rock Band being the sexiest factor.

In a related note, AU IGN is reporting that retailers are not interested in stocking Rock Band, given its pricing, bulk and delayed release, and that Rock Band 2 could share a similar fate. Can’t say I’m surprised.

Update: Games Warehouse has pricing up as well, with most items selling for ~$10 less. A complete pack will still set you back $480 though [Thanks Adam] .

[Thanks to Nick for the EB Games info]

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