Australian Rock Band Pricing Confirmed, Still Ball-Busting

Sigh. Big sigh. The EB Games' website pretty much confirms the pricing details we heard about last month. $289.95 for the drum kit, guitar and microphone, $119.95 for the game, $109.95 for one guitar and $169.95 for the drum kit. Which means you'll have to shell out $520 bucks for the complete Rock Band experience. If this number looks familiar, it should - it's exactly the same price NZ gamers will be paying, going by the now-retracted info from Gameplanet.

What's particularly damning is that EB's prices prove Harmonix has absolutely no idea what the hell is going on.

Even taking into account the insane cost and delayed release of the original, you guys are still hot for Rock Band 2, with song, DLC and (for those who imported) instrument compatibility with Rock Band being the sexiest factor.

In a related note, AU IGN is reporting that retailers are not interested in stocking Rock Band, given its pricing, bulk and delayed release, and that Rock Band 2 could share a similar fate. Can't say I'm surprised.

Update: Games Warehouse has pricing up as well, with most items selling for ~$10 less. A complete pack will still set you back $480 though [Thanks Adam] .

[Thanks to Nick for the EB Games info]


    I don't see how EB posting prices on their webpage means Harmonix don't have a clue. Remember, this is the same EB that has many times listed preowned games with prices of a couple of hundred dollars...

    Rock Band? What's Rock Band?

    Oh wait, I think I remember now, wasn't that some kind of new fangled music game that America and the UK got years ago??

    @Karachi King: Considering the prices match those leaked earlier (as stated in the post), it's highly unlikely they're a mistake.

    Harmonix says there's no pricing info for AU/NZ, and then we immediately get pricing info for NZ from EA. Tell me that's not a disconnect.

    This is a joke right? I paid less than that for my console......

    I don't see how those prices are reasonable, especially since I imported my copy from UK (game) and US (peripherals) a few months ago and saved about $200 on that price! And yes, that's including the shipping costs.
    I imagine that shipping the units over in bulk would save them quite a lot versus what I paid, so it must just be that other countries hate us.

    @Logan Booker: I agree it's possible the pricing may be correct, I just don't think EB is a particularly reliable source. I guess I'm secretly hoping it's not true, because I want to game to be released here and do well.
    Of course, I wouldn't be surprised if EA kept everyone in the dark(I'm fairly certain they kept Bizarre in the dark/flat out lied about the Aussie release of Boom Boom Rocket). They certainly don't seem too keen on supporting Australia.

    @ Karachi King - yeah, it's as Logan said (and contained in the article he linked to in the story), I posted the pricing information into the official Rock Back Forums when the NZ pricing came out, and HMXHenry - one of the Devs at Harmonix quickly jumped in to say that the Kotaku & Game Planet information was "Completely Wrong".

    My wife works at a large Retailer in Australia, and has been provided with exactly the same pricing (although EB have apparently helped themselves to an extra $20.00 on the Instrument Pack), and a date of early-October, exactly the same info that everyone BUT Harmonix seemes to be receiving.

    The fact that time and time again Electronic Arts Australia will not respond to a request for comment from the likes of Kotaku, IGN (News Corp. for god's sake), the Official Playstation & X-Box magazine & many others says to me that they would have no trouble whatsoever keeping Harmonix out of the loop on something like pricing.

    those are the prices.
    i work at eb.

    The whole delay/price debacle has been great marketing for Guitar Hero IV. Even if it were the same price I'd probably go with GH4 just on principle at this point. Choke on a dog, EmptyV/EA.

    Pete Wentz works at EB? I suppose he is a bit of fuckwit though...

    $520 for the full deal - do they honestly think people will pay that much?

    Huh? Whats that EA, you're a bunch of Corporate shitheads whos last really good game was released around the same time Trip Hawkins left? You are correct sir.

    But they still won't confirm whether the instruments are the old, poorly designed, failure-prone Rock Band instruments or the new, fixed Rock Band 2 instruments. And until we know, I'm not biting.

    Why is it so damned hard for games publishers to just be *honest* to their Australian customers?

    Paid $280 for PS3 version of this on Ebay, minus the extra guitar.

    This made me lol.

    Remember EB's prices are the absolute maximum, the RRP if you will. One could imagine that if other retailers (read KMart/BigW) end up stocking this it'd probably be for $20 less on each item.

    Still ridiculous. I don't know why they're bothering at all with RB2 around the corner, they should be trying to create incentive to buy any of this.

    Just sell RB2 and instruments, and sell RB1 disc for cheap!

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