Awesomely Inessential WiiMote Holder

What do you buy for the Wii owner who has everything?

No, I mean who really has everything - like, there is literally no Wii-related consumer good that they do not own apart from the one you are going to buy them.

Can we cautiously recommend the Hori Remote Controller Pocket? It is a smalll cardboard box that you can put your WiiMote and Nunchuck in. It's got 'Wii' written on the front in the correct font and everything. Er, that's it.

Even the National Console Support store, who are the ones trying to sell the thing on import seem mystified. Observe their high-pressure sales technique:

Anyone can fashion a similar pouch from an empty tissue box, a wonton soup container, a paper bag, or the cardboard box that your GA-KO Alarm Clock arrived in. Sure it won't look as nice as Hori's rendition but the functionality is the same and the cardboard box is free.

Sure, it's only $US 9, but there is a global recession on, for goodness' sake!

Remote Controller Pocket [NCSX via Wonderland]


    i want the wiimote holder! Send it today!

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