Babblebaby: A Blog All About Babies

babble.jpgAllure Media, the publisher of Kotaku Australia, has launched a new site, called Babblebaby. It's aimed at parents with babies, as you may have guess from the name. It's packed with features, news and advice, and the quality you've come to expect from us.

Gaming and parenting are not mutually exclusive, and I imagine there are a few of you out their with little ones, so why not jump over to Babblebaby and see if anything takes your fancy? If not you, perhaps someone you know? You could even introduce them to Kotaku while you're at it!



    Any reason why they've gone the e-magazine route instead of the familiar blog layout like Kotaku AU and Gizmodo AU?

    Atricles are all well and good, but if I want a lot of info without too much browsing back to a main page, the Gawker look works great. E-mags? Not so much. I figured if they were wearing the Allure Media brand, they'd be visually more like their sister sites anyway.

    I dunno, maybe it'll grow on me. Given I have a 15 month old son that wants/deserves all my attention, making online free-time a luxury, the quicker a site is to navigate the better.

    PS... Still waiting for a Jalopnik AU too. Show the Yanks how it's done, guys.

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