Bad Company Conquest Mode Coming This Week

EA DICE is making good on the promise of free DLC for Battlefield: Bad Company they made back in April of this year, introducing an all-new game mode to mix things up for players this Thursday. conquest Mode, first seen back in Battlefield 1942, pits two opposing teams against each other in a race to deplete the other team's tickets. Killing an enemy takes off one ticket, while capturing and holding certain objectives can be a major drain on the opposition. While it's only slightly different from the Gold Rush mode that came with the game - it plays out on the same maps - it does add just a bit of variety to the game's already rich multiplayer experience. Plus, you finally have an excuse for just wandering all over the map killing random people instead of going after / protecting the enemy's gold.

Look for the update this Thursday for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game.


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