Best Buy Advertising Final Fantasy VII PS3

We've seen this sign popping up over the weekend on the internets, and now reader and Best Buy employee Boomy (possibly a pseudonym) sends this snap from his iPhone of a coming soon sign misprint that is set to disappoint a lot of people come August 16th. At least we assume that this is a misprint. Either that, or Square Enix has developed Apple-levels of secrecy over the past few years...somehow I doubt it.

It's just odd that such a screw-up would occur with nothing even vaguely FF-related coming out this month. Disgaea 3 ships on the 18th, and while for some of us that is more exciting than a FFVII remake, I can't see some hapless sign-monkey mixing the two of them up. Odd.


    "16 AUG, ASSOCIATED PRESS: The internet died of apparent joy today as employees of Best Buy, the world's largest electronics retailer, unholstered their box cutters and released what can only be described as 'purple steam punk nirvana.' Look for continuing coverage just as soon as we've traded the Earth Harp to that weird old guy in Kalm."

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