BioShock Movie Staying Faithul To Source, Won't Star Kate Hudson

PHEW. Speaking with VG247 at the Develop conference in Brighton (fun fact: I used to live in neighbouring Seaford), BioShock creator Ken Levine has told everyone to relax. The upcoming BioShock movie project is staying faithful to the source:

You're always going to be worried that in that first meeting they're going to be, like, 'OK, it's Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey on a desert island hunting for pirate treasure,' but it's not going to go that way

My expectation at this time, from everything that I've heard, is that it will very much honour the dramatic and thematic elements of the game... They certainly understand the material and are able to provide a stamp of their own.

Thank goodness for that. But, now you mention it, that wouldn't be the worst Uncharted movie...

BioShock movie won't be "Kate Hudson hunting for pirate treasure," says Levine [VG247]


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